Sarah Ingerick
Sarah Ingerick

Till + Trade

Till + Trade makes buying and selling local produce in bulk quick, simple, and fun.



Mike Burpoe
Melissa Ruppel

New-age farming connections.

In order for small, local farms to be profitable enough for a comfortable lifestyle, they need the opportunity to sell their produce in bulk.

The goal of Till + Trade is to provide an opportunity for small, local farms to connect with small businesses, organizations, and other consumers who are interested in mass purchasing options. We created a digital, online service that connects these farms with local consumers as well as provides opportunity for online purchasing and selling of produce. 


Buy and sell with ease.

Till + Trade takes the hassle out of creating and maintaining reliable, lasting connections. This platform allows users to keep track of their contacts and the transactions between them. New connections can be easily fostered through the Marketplace feature and stored within a user's Connections.